Honda VFR400R NC30 1989 Aftermarket Road Fairing Kit

Honda VFR400R NC30 1989 Aftermarket Road Fairing Kit

All our Honda aftermarket fairing kits and fairing parts are produced on demand. We work this way as there are simply too many colours styles models and years for us to be able to stock

all the possibilities that are available to you as our customer.

Once you place your order with us we will put your order into production as soon as your payment has cleared.

The production process involves the following steps:

The checking of your order and any additional requirements to ensure they are clear to us.

The production of compression fairing parts from our moulds if we don already have them in stock.

Preparation for paint decals, painting and finally clearcoat over the top to give your kit a durable finish. 2007 yamaha r6 fairings

Checking of your fairing parts and packaging ready for shipment to your door.

If your kits a custom or non design there are extra steps we take that will add additional days

to production and checking of your order. This is necessary to ensure your design criteria can be met.

If we are required to make changes to panels due to production mistakes this will also add additional days

to the production process as it can be an involved process once paint and decals have been applied.

At any stage in production if there is a delay we will notify you with a revised timeframe.

The full compression mould production process typically takes around 15 20 working days as its more labour intensive than newer injection mould techniques. If the kit you ordered requires design color

changes or both you should allow extra days for production as it a longer process. zx6r fairings

Fairing kits pictured represent approximate colors and decals with variations between batches due to each aftermarket fairing kit being produced painted using materials available to the factory

at the time of production. Some fairing kit pictures show painted metal tanks, tank covers, screens and rear seat cowls but these are not provided unless in the fairing kits product description.

If your kit is a complex order with detailed changes we will on occasion make post production pictures available for you to approve before we ship the item, or items to your door but this is done on a case by case basis.

When we produce a kit to your special requirements any design changes you make after production has begun may incur additional charges depending on the circumstances and the change requested. 2007 yamaha r6 fairing

Paint Decals

We produce a multitude of designs to suit almost everybody needs yet nearly half of all fairing kits we produce have some level of customisation of either colours or decals for our customers.

You don need to settle for what advertised on our site if your minds set on something unique. Please note that there may be a charge depending on the level of customisation required.

For us to custom design a kit for you we will need detailed pictures showing a level of detail that the design and paint team can follow with ease. This means closeups of

any decals you require and views showing the front, sides and rear of the bike. We always check the design required before production begins in case the design is more complex

than we can produce. extreme fairings review We are not able to produce special colors such as fluro or multi paint schemes and not all decals can be reproduced.

Multilayer paint vinyl wrapping and other types of specialist paints jobs are outside of the scope of what we can produce given the affordability of our product. Custom paintwork and vinyl wraps

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